Dracaena Marginata: Grow And Care For The Red Edged Dragon Tree

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena marginata is a thermophilic tree of a family of an asparagus family, with a smooth trunk and a bunch of the magnificent extended leaves on the top (a false palm tree). Leaves have alternating longitudinal red and green strips and can reach in length up to 27 in. Red edged strips on a leaf border its edge what it is called still bordered for.

At some grades leaves smooth, green. The homeland of a plant – damp subtropical forests of Western Africa and Madagascar. The marginata is appreciated the decorative effect of leaves. They live 2-3 years, then dry up and falls off, leaving cross scars on a trunk that the similarity to a palm tree will come to a tree.

Attention! Sometimes is called a palm tree, but it is not right. Even its name is translated as “dragon tree”. In pottery culture blossoms seldom. Flowers at it small, white, collected in a fluffy whisk, with a pleasant aroma.

Types and grades

Dracaena Marginata: Grow And Care For The Red Edged Dragon Tree
Dracaena Marginata for Sale

In nature, the tree grows to 3,2-5,4 yard in height, in room culture from one and a half to three meters. It is not exacting in leaving, easily adapts, slowly grows (4-6 in a year), long keeps the decorative effect, easily breeds.
Depending on a look and number of red strips on leaves distinguish several grades.

Dragon tree of the marginata of the magenta – a wide crimson strip on dark green leaves.

Colorama marginata dragon tree – red strips on its leaves such wide and bright that green color is almost not noticeable. It can be seen only on the bottom side of a leaf.

Dracaena marginataDracaena marginata

Dracaena marginata tricolor – leaves of this grade include red, yellow and green colors, creating a gentle shade.

Dracaena marginata

Marginata dragon tree bicolor – bright green sheets are bordered with a narrow light strip.

Dracaena marginata

Interesting facts

Signs and superstitions are connected with a Draceana plant. It is called “happiness tree”, considering, the promised, to improve the atmosphere in the family, to bring prosperity helping to meet. On an Aztec legend, the ordinary soldier fell in love with the daughter of the chief priest. That promised him the daughter’s hand if he forces a dry stick to dismiss leaves. The guy in love began to water a stick. On its top, there were long sharp leaves, and the stick turned into a dragon tree. It is considered that the trunk piece which is cut off in a full moon surely will bring success in love.

Care for red edged dragon tree

Dracaena marginataCare in house conditions of a dracaena marginata is simple: watering, spraying of leaves, maintenance of optimum temperature and lighting. It needs changes after purchase as purchased soil is strongly exhausted. If the plant looks healthy, then it is better to leave it for some time in the same pot, having placed in warm, light, but not solar, the place. In 1-2 weeks soil can be changed. Important! Sometimes the plant needs urgent change.

Symptoms to immediate change:

  • oppressed look;
  • roots stick out of drain holes;
  • unpleasant rotten smell;
  • the remoistened soil;
  • midges in the soil.


Dracaena marginataFor a change, it is better to take a pot 1 in bigger on diameter 0,8-1 in above former.

Attention! It is not necessary to replace a plant in a too spacious pot: in it, excessive moisture will be late that will lead to rotting of roots.

Previously to wash a pot with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. It is better to replace the transfer. If roots began to rot, then it is possible to shake soil, to cut roots to healthy fabric and to powder with pounded coal. In a pot to fill 1,5 in of drainage (expanded clay, small gravel). On a thin layer of earth over drainage to place a plant, to fill up the fresh earth. An earth layer over the top roots – no more than 1,1 in.

Important! At change, it is impossible to bury the root neck of a tree.

After a change, the dragon tree should be watered a little (no more than 100 ml of warm wastewater). Moisture has to be absorbed not more deeply than the top roots. After a change, a month should be watered once a week.


Dracaena marginataThe main rule of watering: not to pour, this plant does not transfer excess of moisture. It is necessary to water moderately, 1-2 times a week. Only the topsoil, over roots, has to become impregnated with water. At the expense of it in the lower layers of a pot the earth will be always slightly damp – just such, as well as it is necessary for a dragon tree.

Attention! Water should be poured from above, on edge of a pot not to wet the trunk basis. Watering through a pallet is inadmissible.


Dracaena marginata suits the subacidic soil. It is possible to use a special mix for palm trees and succulents. Soil can be prepared independently, having mixed the cespitose and sheet earth, humus and sand in equal quantities. It is impossible in soil mix to mix clay, it will weight it and will reduce air permeability.


Dracaena marginataThe dragon tree of the marginata is very exacting to heat. Optimum temperature is 20-25 °C. At a temperature below 16 °C it ceases to grow, and at 12 °C can even die. It is necessary to avoid drafts, a proximity of the fan or the conditioner. In the summer the plant can be taken out on the street to the shading windless place.


The humidity of air has to be not less than 40%. At low humidity at a dracaena tips of leaves dry out. It is possible to apply easy spraying. Time in several days it is possible to rub off leaves wet towel wipes.


Dracaena marginataThe dragon tree of the marginata loves a light, but not the direct sun. It is better to grow up poecilophyllous grades far from windows at artificial lighting. Varieties with green leaves prefer shade.


It roots quickly expand, the nutritiousness of soil at the same time falls. Therefore in the spring and in the summer, the plant needs fertilizing. 1-2 times a month it is possible to apply liquid complex fertilizers to palm trees or universal fertilizers for deciduous plants.

Important! Before fertilizing it is necessary a little more than usual, to water a plant.

After that, it is possible to add the fertilizer divorced water.

In the winter

It is impossible to put a pot with a plant near heating devices. It is regularly necessary to spray it from a spray. Having watered it is necessary to reduce to 1 time a week in the winter.


Time in several years is required to cutting and formation. It will allow returning its decorative effect. The cut-off trunk and the top can be used for reproduction. There are rules of cutting:

  • to cut off a trunk only the sharp clean tool to avoid cracks and crease of bark (it can cause rotting);
  • hemp to powder a cut with coal or to fill in with paraffin;
  • on stump to put on a polyethylene bag and to fix it on a trunk;
  • in 2-3 weeks at the top cut the sleeping kidneys will waken and escapes will develop;
  • to leave a hotbed over young escapes for 1-2 months.

The dragon tree-bordered: reproduction

Propagated dracaena apical shoot, stem cuttings, air layering, seeds. The tip should be cut with a stalk length of 10-15 cm the rest of the stem cut into cuttings, filling the upper sections of paraffin. Allow to dry for at least one hour.

Rooting in water

Dracaena marginataTo add a tablet of activated carbon to the container with water of room temperature, to establish dragon tree shanks. At turbidity water should be changed. In two-three weeks roots which should allow to grow up 4-6 in are formed then to land in the soil, moderately watering. Pay attention! In water, it is necessary to observe balance not to overdry and to pour a young plant.

Rooting in sand, soil, hydrogel

Dracaena marginataWhen rooting shanks can be powdered a dry growth factor of roots. After landing capacity with shanks needs to be covered with a plastic bag. The shelter should be removed daily for air for 15-20 minutes and to slightly spray shanks with water. Once a week it is possible to add complex fertilizer for extra root fertilizing to water. The taken roots shank will go to growth of escapes.

Rooting by air layers

Dracaena marginataOn a trunk, it is necessary to make an incision bark and to insert counter a plastic strip for prevention of accretion of edges. After that, the place of a cut should be wrapped up slightly damp moss-sphagnum and to tie atop with a film. Instead of moss, it is possible to use slightly damp soil or sand. After a while on the damaged site of stalk roots will appear. When it backs a little grow up, the stalk should be cut off accurately below a film and to plant a young plant in soil. Remained after a cut stump soon too will give side escapes.

Reproduction by seeds

In house conditions, this way is applied seldom. Dracaena seeds quickly lose viability and therefore it is difficult to find material, suitable for crops. Selectors are engaged in generally labor-consuming seed reproduction.

Diseases there is defoliation

Sometimes there are situations when of the dracaena marginata needs the emergency help.

Dracaena marginataFrom a plant fall down leaves what to do to the owner? First of all not to panic. For of this look subsidence of leaves – process natural. But if leaves fly in large quantities, then it is a signal of a problem with roots. It can be rotting from remoistening, drying, break of roots from a concussion or at change. Food becomes less, and the plant seeks “to be exempted from ballast”.

Water modulation

Fall down green leaves, the trunk at the basis becomes soft and friable, bark exfoliates. In a pot with a plant, small midges can appear. The plant should be exempted from soil and to wash roots with warm water. To cut out all decayed (“empty”) backs to a healthy fabric. If on a stipitate there are decay traces, then to cut shanks from the top healthy part of a stalk and to implant them. If a stipitate firm, clean, without decay, then it is possible to plant it in fresh moist soil. Not to water within a week. Then it is possible to resume watering in very moderate quantities.

Lack of water

Dracaena marginataWhen drying roots leave slowly fade, turn yellow, begin to dry with the ends. The Pristeblevy part of leaves dries up in the last turn. The stalk dries out too, is wrinkled. Resuscitation of such plant consists of dry leaves and single watering slightly more usual warm water at a distance.

Important! It is impossible to fill in a dragon tree! It is possible to water only from above before blotting of the top layer of the earth. It is impossible to water the dried-up from a pallet at all!

If plant roots, or at least a trunk, live, then a process of formation of new roots begins and it will recover. There will be new escapes or in growth, the top will start.Dracaena marginata


Dracaena it is thermophilic. When overcooling at it begins to darken and fall down leaves. If only leaves froze slightly, then they will fade and fall off. The plant should limit watering and to put to the warm place. To water only with spraying. Well, the medicines “Epin” or “Tsirkon” (spraying) help to restore a plant. When freezing roots leaves turn yellow, are twisted, become soft and disappear. The plant should be taken out from a pot, to examine roots, to remove rotting. If the trunk basis elastic, live, then it is possible to replace a plant in a fresh substrate, to leave for a root formation, having covered with a package.

Solar burns

Light specks on leaves speak about a solar burn. For correction of a situation, the plant should be removed from direct sunlight.


At violation of conditions of keeping can ache with fungal, viral or bacterial infections.

Fungal diseases

Dracaena marginataThey are widespread. Are brought to the soil or on a plant with the garden earth or with unsterile garden stock. And also the overdrying, remoistening or overcooling of a plant contribute to the development of a fungus. Diseases cause the emergence of dark stains on leaves.

By the form spots it is possible to judge the nature of a fungus:

  • dry brown spots with dark fringing and a light point in the middle (Alternaria). A careful survey it is possible to notice fungal spores in the form of light or dark impregnations;
  • beige spots with chartreuse bordering, it is frequent with impregnations of black points (Phyllosticta). Most often develops on adult and old plants at excess of a norm of watering;
  • the oblong dark stains which are quickly increasing, taking all leaf on both sides. In process of growth become brown with a red border. The disease extends quickly and affects plants at a lack of humidity and drying of the soil.

The plant needs to be processed antifungal medicines and to make a full replacement of soil by sterile. Carefully to wash roots with warm water. To carry out processing three times (the subsequent already without change). It is possible to apply for any antifungal medicines, alternating them that there was no accustoming.Dracaena marginata

Viral and bacterial diseases

Demonstrate to such diseases:

  1. the becoming wet spots on leaves on both sides;
  2. spots and longitudinal brown or yellow strips on leaves; a plant stop in growth;
  3. a curvature of young escapes.

Unfortunately, such diseases are incurable. The plant affected with viruses or bacteria should be destroyed, and after it to disinfect a pot and stock.


Many wreckers wish to regale on Dracaena juice. The plant usually does not perish completely but weakens and loses decorative effect.

Plant louse

The small greenish insects attacking young leaves and a top. They need to be washed away warm soapy water, then to wash out leaves under a warm shower. To repeat the procedure several days before the total disappearance of insects.


WreckersBrown plaques on a reverse side of leaves. Over time they increase, and the leaf around them becomes red-yellow. In the started cases soil blackens. For disposal of scale, it is necessary to wipe them with medical alcohol, not divorced vinegar or lubricating oil. In several hours wreckers will weaken and they will need to be washed away from leaves warm soapy water. To replace soil in a pot.

Mealy worm

WreckersIt is shown by dirty-white flakes in bosoms of leaves. The struck leaves turn yellow and fall off. All lumps should be removed accurately. Then completely to process a plant soap and alcohol solution for 2-3 hours then to wash out under a warm shower. Further, within 5-10 days the dracaena marginata should be processed the medicines “Mospilan”, “Calypso”, “Iskra-Bio”. If necessary to repeat the procedure once again.


WreckersThe small sucking insects causing the emergence of multiple brown spots with black points. At severe infection on leaves, silvery spots appear. For the fight against tripsa the medicines “Spintor”, “Fitoverm”, “Aktellik” are effective. It is necessary to process a plant 2-3 times a week within a month.


The microscopic insects braiding a plant with translucent threads. The return part of a leaf becomes covered by pale spots with black points. Against a web tick, any alcohol-containing liquid which should wipe all plant will approach and in 15-20 minutes to rinse under a warm shower. It is possible to use the medicines “Sanmayt”, “Apollo”, “Neoron”, “Agravertin”. To process a plant 4-5 times different medicines at an interval of 5-10 days. Effectively weekly to highlight marginata dragon tree leaves on both sides a quartz lamp.

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