Ziziphus Jujube Fruit: What Are The Benefits And Medicinal Properties

Ziziphus Jujube Fruit: What Are The Benefits And Medicinal Properties

Undoubtedly, many of you have met this plant, at least as a component of some cosmetic or food products. Masked it by different names: jujube, Chinese date, but it is all the same plant. So-called culture, which has long been grown in China, and grown as healing, along with ginseng and Eleutherococcus.

Features of growing Ziziphus

To grow jujube fruits in his back yard easy. It has a robust, grave and widely different root system. Due to this, the plant can easily tolerate drought, undemanding to soils and fertilizers. Probably not worth it to grow only where the groundwater is too high.Ziziphus jujuba

On the site, I regularly watered jujube fruit, only the first season, until the little seedling to take root. Then, I left this business, grows to itself and bears fruit since the second year. However, it is believed that with watering the harvest is still bigger and better.

Ziziphus grows from 3 to 8 meters in height, with curved, reddish tint young branches. Eventually, the bark becomes gray. The leaves are oval, leathery, shiny, pleasing to the eye bright green color, about 5 cm long.

However, the flowers are pale yellow and very small, collected in short inflorescences of 3-6 pieces. Flowers Ziziphus from mid-June to mid-August, so that no frost flowers are not afraid.

In winter, at rest Ziziphus quietly withstands frost to -25 degrees, however, if you have a young grafted seedling, then in the first winter it is necessary to hedge and either to cover the place of vaccination with earth or completely cover the seedling, making an air–dry shelter.

Ziziphus jujuba

To do this, you need to build a rigid frame (put, for example, a large plastic bottle without a bottom) and fill it with earth or dry leaves. However, again, this is an extreme case, if you have severe frosts, and the seedling of Ziziphus is still small. In subsequent years, the need for shelter disappear.

The formation Ziziphus

Ziziphus can be formed in different ways. Someone likes a Bush, and someone a tree. If you decide to grow as a tree, then regularly remove all the shoots on the trunk, at the height of about 50-70 cm and leave 4-5 skeletal branches that are evenly distributed in different directions.

Besides, regularly remove thickening, growing inside the crown shoots, and make sanitary spring pruning.Ziziphus jujuba

Diseases and pests

No pests and diseases until on Ziziphus not found, and that means, that no chemical treatments he pursues need not. What’s good? That’s right, environmentally friendly and medicinal products.Ziziphus jujuba

Landing of Ziziphus

The tree loves the sun very much. Therefore, for planting, choose a well-lit and heated place in the garden. The planting pit is prepared, as for most fruit crops, allowing the seedling to take root well and go to growth. The mixture for filling the landing pit should be light, loose and nutritious.

Moreover, here Sisyphus there’s one exceptional quality, which is its advantage. He wakes up very late in the spring, in May. Many who are faced with this plant for the first time, believe that the seedling died, did not survive the winter. Please do not rush to despair, wait, most likely, he is alive, but the kidneys will Wake up only in May because the vegetation in Ziziphus begins at an average daily temperature of 12…14 degrees. Therefore, it can be planted and transplanted almost all spring.Ziziphus jujuba

Ziziphus is a cross-pollinated plant. Also, this is very important for a good harvest. On a lonely growing Bush (tree) thousands of flowers are formed, but the fruits will tie only a few of them. Therefore, it is worth planting 2-3 plants, one can be varietal, and the other – seedling. With this planting, you will find that the yields of Ziziphus can give very large – for the third year up to 10 kg.

However, the berries ripen black Jujube not simultaneously, but throughout the autumn. In my opinion, it facilitates their processing, because between the harvest you have time to learn what else to make of it.Ziziphus jujuba

Reproduction Jujube

The easiest way to get a Ziziphus is, of course, to buy a ready seedling, but you can get its seeds and sow. Just remember that seeds require stratification (long-term treatment with cold and moisture) for them to rise.

The seedling can instill good varietal stalk. However, the task is not easy, and it is not possible for everyone, but only experienced gardeners. The problem is that the wood of Jujube is very hard, no wonder he was given another name – iron tree. Ziziphus jujubaSo, if you want to have a plant with large and tasty fruits, then either look for an experienced gardener for vaccinations or search for a ready seedling. Although, try and themselves, and suddenly you have the natural hand and tickles?

The use of Ziziphus in cooking and folk medicine

Ziziphus jujubaThe fruits of Ziziphus are used both fresh and processed. They can be dried in the sun, canned in the form of compotes and juices, pickled, jam and even make wine. By the way, about the wine – a glass compote Ziziphus good help in the morning from a hangover. This is due to its unique healing properties.

The first and most important – Ziziphus ideal for the treatment of hypertension, and the most neglected. To do this, you need to have in your garden is a plant (not necessarily varietal) and eat several fruits daily (or fresh or dried). You can make a decoction of young leaves, and it will also help with hypertension, and at the same time and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Ziziphus jujuba

There is a Ziziphus and another name – thoracic berry, which indicates its benefits for the treatment of colds of the upper respiratory tract. Detailed recipes are, of course, to look for yourself too deeply into this subject, I will not.

The fruits of Ziziphus are used both fresh and processed

  • In Ziziphus ascorbic acid 20 times more than in lemon.
  • Jujube revitalizes the air correctly, like conifers, releasing volatile. However, only in the warm season.
  • It is believed that evil spirits and snake bypass jujube side (so it makes sense to put it near the house).
  • Ziziphus is a right honey plant, and in the summer, when many plants in the gardens have already faded.
  • If you chew the leaves of Ziziphus, then for some time lost taste – no sweet, no bitter, no salt, no sour – nothing! Although why do we need it? Except when you need to swallow a bitter pill.

Ziziphus jujubaI believe that to grow in the garden is undemanding and useful plant costs. Place it will take a little, and the benefits will be tangible.

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