Flamingo Lily(Anthurium): Particular Care And Cultivation In Room Condition


Leaves of an Anthurium contain a certain share of toxic agents, on their surface, there are calcium oxalate crystals, they can cause irritation, especially on mucous surfaces. But it does not constitute a danger to adults. Owing to “harm” of a Flamingo Lily for the person, it is better to work with it in gloves A here children and animals can bite off a part of a leaf, lick and even to chew and receive an allergic reaction.

Therefore it is necessary to put it so that it was impossible to reach it. Those who have hypersensibility to smell should choose a look which does not smell. Also, roots can cause an allergy. But it is necessary to remember that still nobody got poisoned with seriously.

More from a flower no danger proceeds. And here the advantage of it much: absorbs the exhaust gases and smells going from plastic; as it grows in a wild look in tropics, around it constantly moisten air that is useful for the person; from flowers, it is possible to create a bouquet in case of emergency.

Anthurium flowers — excellent material for a cut. They can stand in water, without losing decorative effect, up to six weeks. For bouquets, flowers cut off when the cover reveals completely, and the ear will plentifully shower pollen. From a plant, quite good bouquets turn out

Where to place a pot with a Flamingo Lily flower

Flamingo Lily(Anthurium)The Flamingo Lily loves diffused light and heat. It grows in nature in the tropical forest and got used to a penumbra or to diffused light. It does not love drafts. It is good to take out it on fresh air in the summer but to place in a penumbra and in that place where there is no wind. The flower can be grown up at a window of any orientation. Do it at observance of rules:

  1. at the southern window it is better to remove it in a corner where there is less sunshine;
  2. on east and west it is put almost closely to glass, but on east tarnish from direct sunshine;
  3. on northern the anthurium feels surprisingly not bad, but in the summer if he did not move to air, it should be lighting a lamp for plentiful blossoming.

Leaving bases in house conditions

As any plant successfully to hold his houses, it is necessary to look after it correctly.

Watering and humidity

flamingo lilyIt is necessary to spray a time 2, and it is better 3 in the day. He very much loves moisture (we will remember that its homeland – tropics). It is necessary to water in the summer approximately time in 2-3 days, winter of times a week. Watering has to be very plentiful, but the excess of water will lead to rotting of roots, therefore, you should not hurry with the following watering.

It is possible to be guided on the soil in a pot. It has to be before the next watering only slightly damp from above. It is better to settle water for watering. It has to be soft. To understand whether the humidity of air indoors is sufficient, it is necessary to watch the pet. At good humidity begins “to cry” — on leaves water drops appear.

For moistening except spraying it is possible to use wet expanded clay which lay over a pot on a pallet and daily moistens. A Flamingo Lily is regularly necessary to wash or rub off leaves a damp rag. During spraying, water should not get on a cover and an ear.

Otherwise, they can become covered with dark stains.

Room temperature

flamingo lilyIn the winter the flower perfectly feels at a temperature of 18 — 16 degrees. In the summer of 18 degrees is temperature, already minimum for it. And if it became indoors cold, then it can be warmed, having established over it a lamp. The lamp comes to the rescue when it is necessary to lift locally air temperature in the Summer temperature of 20-25 degrees will be ideal. If in the afternoon very hot, the flower has to be put there where the cool remains.

The composition of soil for landing

flamingo lilyFor an flamingo lily it is possible to make several options of soil: to take as a basis ready soil for begonias and to add coconut fiber and coal; to mix peat and hummus, to add a needle of a fir-tree or a pine, coal, pieces of a beaten brick; to take the cespitose earth, river sand and humus in equal shares and to add coal pieces. It is good to add a chopped rhizome of a fern to any option of the earth.

How to multiply and replace

flamingo lilyThe flower is replaced every year though it is possible to do it less often, every two years. At change and reproduction, it is necessary to remember that roots at an anthurium very fragile, they easily break, and the plant can long hurt then. It is impossible to choose too spacious pot for a flower. He loves close flowerpots and only under such condition long blossoms. Therefore at change, it is necessary to take a pot literally on half-centimeter more widely than old. It is several ways of reproduction at the pet at choice.

Division of a bush

flamingo lilyThe main way of reproduction of a flamingo lily — the division of a bush. For this purpose during the change, the bush is divided into two-three new so that everyone had a growth point. It is necessary to do it by hands, at all, not a knife because it is so easy to damage fragile roots. Having divided a bush, it is necessary to put each allotment in a separate small pot, it is good to water and put so that on the pet beams of the sun did not get. You should not feed up the seated copies within a month.


flamingo lilyOld flamingo lily acquires at the edges side escapes. It is good stuff for the cultivation of new plants. Side escapes separately in the course of change too. You should not try to dig out them of the earth, it is so possible to damage roots. If it is necessary to receive urgently a new copy, then it is necessary to take out from a pot entirely an earth lump with a root and accurately hands to separate side escape or escapes.


flamingo lilyThe anthurium can be multiplied a shank. It is placed in the container with water, before it within 10-15 minutes having dried a cut on air, and close a can or a plastic bag. Approximately in a week, there are roots, and the plant can be planted in soil.


Some, not bad breed a leaf. Including popular Andrée and Shertzer. The cut-off leaf is displaced in a tubule, accurately fix it by an elastic band or a soft wool thread and half inserted into the mix from peat and moss. Humidify and close a can. Leave in such hothouse conditions in the dark, warm place for about three weeks.

During such term, the small gentle sprout appears. At first, the pot is exposed on light, but not in the sun, and in 2-3 days the bank can remove. You should not hurry with the change in a constant pot. It is done only in a month.


flamingo lilyNow in shops, flamingo lily seeds began to appear. They are sowed in peat, humidify the earth with the sprayer and covered with cellophane. Shoots appear very disjointedly, within 15 days. After a pipping of all seeds, the package is removed. Care of seedlings consists of accurate watering, it is better from the sprayer. It is possible to dive in small pots about 10 cm in the diameter after the emergence of the third leaf. It is possible to replace an anthurium only in rubber gloves.

Fertilizing of a flamingo lily

The plant is good to feed up the rotted-through manure which is added at change. It is possible to be added dropwise slightly from above dry leaves which prepared and will become good fertilizer. It is recommended to make fertilizing by the ready liquid organic and mineral fertilizers which are available on sale it is necessary to prepare them for watering according to instructions of the manufacturer. They are brought time in 2-3 weeks.


The main problems arise because of defects in leaving. Let’s consider why there is the following:

  • tips of leaves dry up – means, too cold indoors. To help, it is necessary to put it under a desk lamp with a usual bulb of incandescence;
  • leaves are twisted in a tubule – it is low humidity, it is necessary to spray, install constantly a pot on a pallet with damp expanded clay or a brick if near a window the hot battery, then to put on it a damp rag;
  • black spots and sluggish leaves speak about the wrong change, it is necessary to replace again, having taken soil this time for a pineapple family as there ideal proportions of different types of the earth;
  • brown spots demonstrate overcooling of roots – it is necessary to remove further from glass and to check whether blows from a window from below;
  • a raid on leaves is a fungus, and here it is necessary to work quickly – to process with special chemical means.

flamingo lilyThe bad sign is yellowing of leaves. This main consequence of defects of leaving. Reasons here a little:

  1. for watering too hard or cold water is used; in the soil, there is not enough nitrogen; spraying was made directly under sunshine;
  2. there is not enough lighting. It is necessary to decide what of the reasons became the fault of a disease of a concrete plant and to change a situation.

But those leaves that managed to turn yellow, it is necessary to remove. At the emergence of soil fungi, it is necessary to replace quickly the pet to the healthy soil, having processed roots weak solution of potassium permanganate, accurately to cut out the struck roots before processing. The gray mold is shown in the form of a gray raid on leaves, it arises because of bad drainage and stagnant air indoors.

It is necessary to organize airing, to replace, having arranged drainage.

As a rule, it is possible to cope with them by numerous careful washing with laundry or tar soap. Thus after soaping it is necessary to leave a plant at several o’clock and only then to wash away soap. If it does not help, then it is necessary to process an insecticide.

To begin treatment in time, it is necessary to examine a flower regularly. Sometimes, the pet does not blossom for a long time. It is possible to try to provoke blossoming: to replace a flower to the poor soil consisting of sand, peat and chopped bark; to feed up only potash and phosphoric fertilizers divorced twice.

Species of a red flower: Andre, Schwartz, and others

flamingo lilyFrom all variety of types got accustomed as houseplants only a few:

  1. Andre – received the name in honor of Edouard André; this look was called a flamingo flower, thanks to gracefully curved ear; the best grade for pottery cultivation;
  2. Schwartz is the look which is most adapted for room conditions: long peduncle and spiral ear, large decorative leaves;
  3. Crystal — is appreciated as decorative and deciduous, leaves large, velvety, with silvery streaks;
  4. Majestic – despite the name, this medium-sized plant with very decorative leaves of a heart-shaped form with white streaks;
  5. Climbing – the unpretentious, constantly blossoming liana with leathery oval leaves;
  6. Baker – very decorative, with narrow lanceolate leaves with red streaks.

In the last decades, the set of types of an anthurium appeared, in this direction, the Dutch selectors especially work much. They seek to remove plants with decorative leaves and different coloring of a cover.

Already now there are dark-violet, cream covers, and leaves with whitish-grayish spots washouts. Flamingo Lily interesting flower. It helps with the creation of interiors of certain styles, with its rooms look cozier. Gives joy and increases mood. It definitely should be got in the house.

Anthurium belongs to the family of Aroids. His homeland is a tropical zone of South and Central America. There are about 500 species of this beautiful plant called the Flamingo flower. Among them, there are herbaceous evergreens, vines, epiphytes, and lithophytes.

Anthurium Andre

flamingo lilyThe most common among anthuriums. He won the hearts of many gardeners, as beautifully blooms almost all 12 months of the year. Flowers of amazing beauty are located on long peduncles. Their coloring is various. There are instances of red, white, purple, pink, maroon flowers.

Breeders managed to bring varieties with green and black bracts. To be exact, expressive of the Flamingo Lily is not a flower, a blanket, next to which is the flower on the cob. When the flowering period ends, the bright veil turns into a green leaf.

Scherzer Anthurium

flamingo lilyNo less popular in indoor culture Anthurium Scherzer. Its characteristic feature is the rounded shape of the bedspread. This kind of blooms also beautifully. Bedspreads with flowers are orange, red, white. There are plants with covers speckled.

Crystal Anthurium

flamingo lilyLarge decorative-deciduous plant with less bright and lush flowering. Its leaves have the shape of a heart and are separated by light veins, which look like a pattern on crystal products.

Anthurium, Multi-Dissected

flamingo lilyIt’s a vine with leaves that look like fingers. Flamingo Lily is gorgeous – low-growing plant with white veins on the large dark green velvety leaves.

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