Crassula Plants – Care And Grow For Money Tree Plant


Crassula – a popular houseplant, belongs to the family Plump. In nature, there are more than 300 species. Most often there are succulents, annual and perennial herbaceous plants, and shrubs.

People believe that The Money Tree Plant feels well the financial situation of the owners and can attract welfare. In Feng Shui, this tree is given much attention. Where should be, what ribbon should be tied and so on? We will leave this question to Feng Shui websites. Let’s go back to the plant and consider how to care for the flower properly. After all, if it is wrong to care for it, it will wither, and what wealth after that!

Crassula care

CrassulaThe crassula belongs to the genus Crassus. These are the most diverse plants that can only be. This genus even belongs to the plants for the aquarium. Even a novice florist, who has no experience in growing houseplants, will not take the hassle of caring for him.

Crassula care light

CrassulaIn the room, the plant needs to put it on the South-Eastern Windows, so even Feng Shui recommends. Direct sun hits need to be careful, and the leaves will turn red, wither and fall off. The trees shed their leaves money tree can and from lack of fresh air.

In the summer flower can be taken out on the balcony, where it will be quite comfortable, besides the fresh air will only benefit. In winter, the plant is better to move to the Southside.

Watering the flower

CrassulaWatering on hot days should be twice a week. At standard temperature, once is enough. Carefully observe the earthen lump, do not let it dry out much, but do not fill. It is imperative not to pour a jade tree, and at the same time to land in no not personal. Perhaps this is the most critical point in the care of Crassula. In winter, the flower should be watered even less — about once every two weeks.


CrassulaCrassula in springtime and summer, the optimum temperature – 20-25 degrees. The most suitable temperature in autumn and winter — 15 degrees or less, but not below 4 degrees. A flower can winter at room temperature, but in this case, it is likely that she will begin to wither and fall leaves.

Important! The plant cannot be placed near the batteries and heaters.


A good fertilizer for cacti and succulents. The rest of the time, the money tree needs to be fed only once a month, and the concentration of fertilizer should be diluted twice.

Crassula transplant

CrassulaOften transplant the jade plant is not recommended. To operation, a flower is necessary only if it has grown stronger or it is necessary to divide the Bush, at least once every 2-3 years. Its Transplant  is best done in the spring. To do this, the usual purchase land for cacti and succulents.

Note! Do not forget to take care of proper drainage.

Pachira aquatica propagation

CrassulaWhen propagating cuttings, germination, their roots STOPAT in the water. For the faster formation of roots in the water, you can add coal. If desired, cuttings can be immediately rooted in the ground, but it is better to germinate them, to begin within the water.

After the flower cuttings root, they are planted in small pots with soil from sheet and Dernovoy of the earth, with the addition of sand in equal proportions. Further, the containers with small Crassula must be kept at a temperature of 16-18 degrees. Watering is carried out once a day.

Reproduction by seeds

Seed propagation is less common among gardeners, although the care of sprouted grains is precisely the same as for cuttings.


CrassulaIt turns out that the flower can bloom, but this phenomenon is quite rare. Even experienced florists cannot always achieve flowering Money tree. If you have never seen how beautiful white flowers bloom on your plant, then most likely the problem lies in the lack of illumination. Especially crassula often begins to blossom in the period of its dynamic growth.

The formation of the crown

CrassulaTo plant had a beautiful and decorative appearance, it is necessary to form its crown. The cut should be carried out so that there are four leaves on the branch.

It is also recommended to pinch, especially for the top of Crassula. To Money Plant Tree had a beautiful and uniform crown, you need to turn it different sides to the light.

Diseases and pests

CrassulaIt like other houseplants, is subject to attack by parasites. Of particular danger are spider mite, scale, and mealybug.

  1. In the case of defeat crassula spider mite, on its leaves and stem forms a barely noticeable web. In such a situation, it will help soap solution or medications Fufanon, Phytoverm.
  2. With the defeat of the shield on the leaves appear yellow and brown spots. Treat the Money tree woman should be the same as in the collapse of the spider mite.
  3. If the plant is affected by powdery worms, it is necessary to carry out medical procedures with a solution of soap, and if it does not help, then you need to use insecticides. You can also try to get rid of the worm with a piece of cotton wool soaked in alcohol.

Problems with growing crassula

  1. The greatest danger is an overabundance of moisture. If the soil is too moist, it is possible rotting of the roots and even the base of the trunk.
  2. If the Money plant tree does not have enough moisture, the leaves, in this case, can become sluggish.
  3. If you pour cold water on the flower, the leaves can fall off altogether.
  4. It is impossible to stop direct sunlight falling on the bottom (bottom) jade.

Medicinal properties

CrassulaThe plant according to Chinese Feng Shui brings good luck and success in Financial Affairs. Also, crassula is a symbol of wealth, no wonder it is called the Money tree. However, in addition to Feng Shui, the flower woman has medicinal properties: cleans the air, relieves stress and tension, improves the microflora, thereby reducing the pathogenic formations in the room. All this, in General, has a positive impact on human health.

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