5 The Most Modern Succulents Planter For Fashionable Interiors

Modern Succulents Planter

Succulents are very diverse. Also, compact (sometimes miniature), and larger wild plants combined only one feature – the ability to accumulate water. Even though more fashionable always considered kids, to the range of succulents, with which you can decorate a modern interior, you should look carefully.

After all, colors, sizes, patterns, degree of prickle, the impact on the interior – only a few parameters by which to choose them. In this article, we will talk about the five most fashionable succulents planter, which surprisingly transform modern interiors.

Influence of succulents on the atmosphere of interiors

Modern Succulents PlanterSucculents have always been a favorite plant for making collections. So if earlier they were often grown in separate pots, today they are grouped and create entire gardens of different species, United by one idea and capacity.

Despite the well-established opinion that the interior and its atmosphere is more influenced by herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees, succulents make it their own, unique charm. They are expressive in form and color. First, play the role of accents. Allow you to search for harmony between lines, contours and pattern effects, not just the color palette and crown density.

Modern Succulents Planter1At the same time, for succulents to become real stars, it is necessary, first of all, to remember that they “work” in modern interiors, and not in boring classics. Also, the more minimalistic the situation, the more emphasis is placed on the materials, the better the look and succulents.

They are especially useful in combination with white, concrete, stone, glass, allowing to reveal the beauty of “cold” materials in a new way. Most attention succulents always attract when placed on the table and tables, countertops and bar counters. However, thanks to original solutions designers, fancy pots move with the cactus and the wall.

However, it is worth remembering that succulents do not like clusters of plants and decor: they best reveal their beauty in groups with their kind and on a clean background.

Modern Succulents Planter1Let’s get acquainted closer with the most fashionable indoor plants from among succulents. Extravagant and daring, they quickly become real stars of modern interior design. Moreover, always bring a touch of charm to even the most modest design.

Queen Haworthia

Modern Succulents PlanterEven though Haworthia introduced into the culture a few centuries ago, it is one of those succulents that never go out of fashion. Inimitable warts on the leaves, the ideal shape of small sharp rosettes and a variety of colors have provided them with the status of indispensable for the design of terrariums and modern interiors of culture.

Haworthia is a large genus of dwarf and miniature succulents with very fleshy and sometimes very thick leaves. The height of haworthias never exceeds 20 cm. Short stems are less common than lying on the ground outlet. Lanceolate, pointed leaves – a perfect option for haworthias, as well as rounded, perfectly symmetrical, resembling prickly round rosette heads.

In most species, white stripes or patterns, as if created from sugar glaze, are formed by warty tubercles. Moreover, on top of the sheet can be located transparent Windows. Smooth or dentate, ciliate or spinous, the edges of the leaves only emphasize the beauty of the patterns and base color and give haworthias extraordinary elegance. Small white flowers on not-so-impressive stalks look exquisite.Modern Succulents Planter

Haworthias, most often, choose only in appearance – color, which ranges from the lightest and brightest shades of green to almost black, as well as the degree of severity of patterns on the leaves, their thickness, and shape, the density of rosettes.

Hybrid varieties mainly represent this plant on sale. Species specimens are rare, the most popular of them – the legendary business card of all haworthias with white transverse stripes on the dark leaves – Haworthia attenuata.

For flowering grow Haworthia cymbiformis. Lovers of exotic like and Haworthia picta with resembling lithops its almost pyramidal, very thick leaves. Alternatively, Haworthia truncata with oddly thickened, kidney-shaped, with uneven bluish bloom leaves, reminiscent of lying on each other cobblestones.

Aeonium and their tiled flowers

Modern Succulents PlanterAmong the succulent plants, are capable of forming planar, patterned, ornamental rosettes of leaves on short or highly visible trunks, aeonium first mods. No one of the other plants, there is no such effect tiles perfect as these surprisingly hardy Mediterranean endemics.

Aeonium – compact and highly decorative modern succulents planter. Depending on the type, their height can range from 10 cm to almost one and a half meters, but room giants are very rare.

All Aeonium is divided into shrub and tree plants. Trunks with ascending shoots can be shortened, but always carry flat, almost disc-shaped sockets.

Spatulate leaf shape almost eliminates the perception of their thickness and meatiness: the leaves of Aeonium seem thin, hard and flat. They always have a narrower base and a diamond-shaped or rounded full end. The one-piece edge is decorated with cilia.

The leaves sit tight, creating a solid funnel-shaped or completely flat rosette, in which each subsequent row of blades is half superimposed on the previous one, creating a tiled effect.

As the plant ages, the distance between the leaves becomes more significant, the sockets become looser. Either durable or light waxy gloss characterizes all plants.

Modern Succulents PlanterAeonium in indoor culture bloom very rarely, but if you are pleased, then immediately hit the bright yellow, pink and white, as if fluffy, dense pyramids of apical inflorescences.

Aeonium is represented by more than three dozen species, of which only the most famous representative of the genus – Aeonium arboreum forms tree-shaped silhouettes of branching, bizarre trunks, crowned with flat or loose rosettes of leaves.

Varieties of this type allow you to choose cherry, ink, cream-colored, variegated, gold-leaf varieties and shapes. The majority of the room aeonium develop into a single outlet, almost lying on the soil surface.

Beautiful rosettes with obovate leaves, white powdery bloom and the reddish border of Aeonium haworthii. Similar to a flat, bright green disc in which small leaves from each other do not distinguish Aeonium tabuliforme. A quaint shrub with curved, curved branches, at the ends of which hang very thick miniature rosettes Aeonium lindleyi – these are just a few examples of original species that look irresistible.

Sedum – Fancy room stonecrop

Modern Succulents PlanterRepresentatives of the genus Sedum may seem boring only to those who have never admired the indoor varieties of stonecrop. Fancy carpets or original hanging shoots with juicy miniature leaves, creating luxurious patterns, threads, and rosettes – candidates for the title of the best indoor ground cover.

Hardy, almost invulnerable, beautifully blooming glasses have become fashionable with the spread of trends to use in the interiors of texture miniatures.

Sedum in room format – compact, not exceeding in height and 10 cm, with hanging, creeping, rooting shoots herbaceous succulents planter from the class of ground cover.

For all the blasting characteristic fleshy, regular spaced or sessile, embracing the escape leaves. However, their shape and thickness differ depending on the type (from flat round or lanceolate to almost spherical, ovoid, cylindrical).

Leaves of potted sedums amazing miniature, sitting on the shoots in rosettes or whorls evenly. Star-shaped flowers clustered in corymbs or umbels of blooms are easily recognized by the generally bright yellow or pink color and fluffy stamens.

Modern Succulents PlanterDozens of species of Sedum allow you to choose your favorite plants with different color, texture, shape of leaves and the nature of foliage. Some stonecrop, such as Sedum morganianum gorgeous in ampelous form, due to the unusually curved, hanging shoots, at the ends of which glow asterisks of flowers.

Others create patterned pillows. Inimitable Sedum rubrotinctum – light green with reddish tips, with a stunning matte-waxy small, thick, oval leaves. It creates gorgeous lush lace, which is challenging to consider the location of the leaves.

Showy Sedum pachyphyllum reddens in the sun almost entirely and captivates shiny surface even more small and thick, closely sessile on thick shoots leaves.

Sedum adolphii – single light yellow-beige appearance with a flat, but thick oval leaves at the ends are creating flower outlet, seemingly whimsical rug of flowers.

Round, coin-like leaves Sedum sieboldii make the plant very elegant, and bluish bloom only emphasizes abundant flowering in predominantly pink tones. Hanging straight shoots, which if strung monetate leaves and thick pink flaps blossoms, creating a cap in pots and the second tier in the ample, look strikingly elegant.

Exotic agaves

Modern Succulents PlanterIt is difficult not to recognize the top star of the flora of Central America Agave. Fantastic thick, reminiscent of a garden of Yucca, dense rosette balls out of the long hard leaves breathtakingly beautiful. However, indoor Agave is not giants. In pot culture today actively use small species from the perfection of greenery which is challenging to look away.

Agave – one of the most easily recognizable succulents. If in nature their height ranges from 20 cm to almost 2 m, in the indoor culture of the Agave is limited to a maximum height of one meter. Also, then there are such giants rare.

Shortened stems are not visible under the lush rosettes of large, lanceolate, long leaves on the edge of the leaves or top of the thorns. On average, the outlet collected about 50 sheets.

Peduncles are very high, several times higher than the sockets, with spikelets consisting of thousands of flowers. The sharp edges of the leaves of all agaves require careful handling because they are so easy to injure the skin.

So irritating substances require particularly careful work when transplanting. Fibrous threads along the edges of the leaves appear in almost all agaves as they age, and certainly give the plants a unique charm.

Modern Succulents PlanterChoosing Agave, it is necessary to look for relatives of the legendary Agave americana, which with age loses both compactness and attractiveness, becomes completely unpresentable in a pot format, except for one year or two years.

However, even this plant has exotic striped varieties that can be used as a floor plant when the outlets lose their compactness.

The legendary Agave victoria-reginae looks much more enjoyable. Triangular-keeled, matte-gray-green leaves which with the thinnest white border create ideal hemispherical rosettes.

Softer leaves in bizarrely elongated rosettes are characteristic of Agave attenuate, which creates entire thickets and reminds of dracaena, however, with widely oval leaves.

As if created for the daring projects of Agave macroacantha. It’s elegant, lanceolate, slightly expanding to the edge of the leaves turn into blackthorn and conquer the bluish bloom.

Modern Succulents PlanterIncomparably beautiful narrow-leaved, with prickly narrow leaves Agave stricta. Unique – Agave horrida with almond-shaped leaves, which have a strikingly hard, Horny serrated edge creates a figured white contrast with dark leaf blades and rosettes shaped like Lotus flowers.

Extravagant Agave toumeyana, whose sharp and narrow sheets memorized by the bright rim and thick white threads. Moreover, these, and other species of delicate Agave, which can be found on the shelves, there are painted initially and variegated varieties and dwarf forms.

Rose desert Adenium

Modern Succulents PlanterMany succulents bloom very impressively, but none of the plants will not overshadow the gorgeous adenium. Huge, watercolor, reminiscent of something hibiscus, the flowers of this succulent effect no less than the endurance of the plant itself.

Achieve flowering without cool wintering impossible, but otherwise, the cultivation of adeniums is no different from other succulents planter.

Adenium obesum is one of the most bizarre succulents. It is rightfully considered to be a beautiful flowering indoor culture, despite all its endurance.

Thickened at the bottom of the trunks resemble miniature copies of baobabs and in-room conditions they are usually quite compact – from 30 to 80 cm in height.

The stem is lignified and becomes more bizarre the older plant. Leathery, shiny, dark green, they look luxurious. With a solid edge and a light Central vein, the leaves are more reminiscent of luxurious shrubs.

Modern Succulents PlanterThe long leaves can reach 10 cm, but room Adenium is usually much more compact. The funnel flowers of the plant are dazzling. A narrow tube accentuates the flower diameter capable of exceeding 5 cm disc-shaped limb with orbicular-oval, wavy petals seems particularly striking due to the erosion of the tones from the edge to the center of each leaf, giving the plant a watercolor.

Adenium obesum, mainly on sale today is represented by hybrid varieties crossed with oleander. The choice between pink and white types and different shades of pink and white combinations allows you to choose bright specimens to your taste.

It is a very variable plant, which, depending on the conditions, may be slightly different from the standard. The formation allows you to maintain Adenium compact.

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