Best Soaker Hose For Garden: How To Choose A Drip Hose

Best Soaker Hose For Garden

No country house can be presented without the system of watering which includes a water source, garden soaker hoses, and various sprays. No matter, what grows on the site: vegetable cultures, cultivated flowers or a lawn grass — everything needs regular watering. And that this laborious work became comfortable and easy, it is necessary to know what hoses for watering it is better to use in these or those conditions.

When choosing a garden hose special attention is paid to estimated conditions of its operation. One business if it is spread out along beds to all season, and absolutely another — if it is planned to be twisted and moved constantly. Also, it is necessary to consider the pressure of water and simultaneous loading. Different types of devices for watering have advantages which at misuse can become shortcomings.

Modern types of soaker hoses for watering

Technological capabilities extend every day, including in the sphere of industrial and country gardening. The habitual garden watering hose passed already several stages of an innovation that led to the emergence of the different types intended for performance of certain narrow tasks.

Evident classification of hoses by production material (which defines technical characteristics of a product and a condition of its operation), as execution (that gives to a product additional properties) and to a destination is given below.

Type of hoseCharacteristicOperating conditions
By material of manufacture
RubberWater pressure more than 8 ATM, can be stored in an unheated room, resistant to temperature changes, UV rays, and chemicals, resistance to deformation, quite heavy, toxic (cannot be used for drinking water), a service life of more than 10 yearsUniversal appointment, it is applied to the arrangement of constant networks for watering, keeps the properties in the temperature range from-30 to 90ºC
PVC hoseThe water pressure of 3 ATM or more, the thickness of the walls ranges from 1.5 to 3 mm gives a higher water pressure than the rubber counterpart, at low temperatures, loses flexibility, prone to kinks and twists, service life of 3 years with proper winter storageWatering of garden cultures only during vegetation, at a temperature above-5ºC and below 50ºC
Thermoplastic HoseWithstands water pressure of more than 8 ATM, high frost resistance, no breaks when stored in an unheated room, non-slip surface, good flexibility, and lightweight, twist-resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, service life more than 15 yearsYear-round use for watering and other gardening purposes in temperature range from-50 to 90 ºC
SiliconeElastic, under the influence of sunlight walls expand, does not bendTemperature range is from-20 to 40 ºC. It is not intended for a big pressure of water (stretches and bursts), it is used for watering of beds by drift
by type of execution
Single-layerHas no additional external and internal coatings, low resistance to aggressive environmental factors, low priceIt is used and stored only at positive temperatures to 40 ºC.
MultilayerIncreased resistance to UV rays and chemicals, wear resistance, high throughput, flexible and resistant to torsion, high-pressure waterDaily watering of garden cultures, twisting to the bay or stationary placement for all season, is used in a wider temperature range
ReinforcedThe reinforcing threads increase the strength, durability, water pressure and weight of the hosesOperation under more severe conditions with a high load
Stretchable“the hose in a hose” has a two-layer design: internal is made of rubber with high ability to stretching, and external — of nylon threads, limiting stretching of an internal hose, it is steady against pollution and has a waterproof propertyIt is ideal for watering of ornamental plants and flower beds at a constant pressure of water, on an uneven surface there can be difficulties with extension and collecting a hose
SpiralOperating pressure up to 5 atm, very easy and compact (in a non-working state length meter, stretches up to 20 — 25 m) is made of ethyl vinyl acetate ester or polyurethane, thanks to a spiral design it is not broken and not stirred on a bedServes for the manual watering of plants directed dot, it is used at a temperature from-5 to 60ºC
CorrugatedHas the top corrugated layer giving additional rigidity for an elimination of frequent bends and keeping at the same time sufficient ease and flexibilityUniversal application for all irrigation works
As intended
TraditionalIt has the usual design, is not transformed, reliable and versatile for the suburban areaConventional watering at the root or with the addition of a gun or sprayer
Drip hosesIn the form of a flat tape with holes at a certain distance from each other, laid on the site for several seasonsFor drip hoses irrigation at the root
PorousMade of rubber with holes for slow water transmissionFor watering of plants on the steep slopes and loamy soils inclined because of slow saturation by moisture to an erosion
Hose-sprinklerSprays water through holes several meters in different directions, forming a fog aroundGentle watering of plants with a surface root system

Technical characteristics of different types in many respects depending on the producer. Now in the market, there is almost no primitive single-layer version left without covering for additional protection against atmospheric action, therefore, there is no sense to focus attention on them.Best Soaker Hose For Garden

As a result, it turns out that the quality of modern multilayered hoses from PVC does not concede to other types, and their high popularity is quite justified. Though numerous responses of skilled gardeners allocate the reinforced rubber hose as the most convenient and practical.

At the same time, versions from PVC are recommended to be used when there is an additional subsoil distributing from plastic pipes. It is expedient to get the reinforced hose if there is a need for additional durability and resistance to loadings that depends on the design of a garden and the size of the site.Best Soaker Hose For Garden

Special purpose drip hoses

Many summer residents have very famous such novelties as a wonderful hose, the hose fog exuding and an elastic hose long ago. All these developments are actively advertised by producers, but gardeners often meet some difficulties with their operation. Therefore before buying non-standard systems for watering, it is desirable to study their characteristics and appointment in detail.

Ambiguous comments are received by a silicone hose. It very elastic and easy, is not bent and not twisted, does not injure a plant. But it is not intended for water under pressure, i.e. it is impossible to connect sprayers and the systems of overhead irrigation to it.

It is convenient to use such adaptation when watering beds from capacity spontaneously or for spring watering of trees and berry-pickers. Even small pressure in a product leads to its extension and a gap. Also, it is not recommended to leave it under the scorching sun.Best Soaker Hose For Garden

The self-stretching hose of Xhose which is compact at storage and is practical in use enjoys wide popularity. It is intended for cottages with good pressure of water, and in the conditions of the housing estate the idea of producers cannot work.Best Soaker Hose For Garden

Xhose is irreplaceable when performing many works on cleaning of a country house and also for watering of flower beds and ornamental shrubs. The lightweight and good compressibility allow to train quickly him for work and also to remove quickly on storage.

The compact stretching soaker hoses of a spiral form from PVC also gain popularity at summer residents thanks to convenience and practicality of their use. On sites with a small area of the landings needing regular watering such assistant to you will be very opportunely.Best Soaker Hose For Garden The following novelty — the exuding hose — can replace a hose for drop watering. The advantage of this look is that it represents a complete system for which functioning it is enough to connect it to the container with water. At the same time, moistening happens on all length of a system that is convenient for watering green and root crops.Best Soaker Hose For Garden However when using for watering of the crude water it is quickly hammered with mechanical impurity, besides, over time in it there can be silt and seaweed therefore for long operation installation of the cleaning filters and periodic washing of hoses is obligatory.

The not less effective way of watering provides a hose sprinkler. On all its length small openings which thin streams of water breakthrough are located.Best Soaker Hose For Garden

The advantage of such watering is the lack of a crust on the surface of the soil. A diameter of the watered territory and height of formation of fog are regulated by water pressure. With insufficient pressure, watering will be superficial and only narrow strips along a system will get to an area of coverage.

The presented kinds of hoses are implemented in the completed view with all connecting elements. A wide choice of color scale allows to use them in the most distinguished landscape compositions, without breaking harmony.

Features of the choice of soaker hose for irrigation

In garden shops, it is possible to buy hoses in the bay (widespread length of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50 meters) or on a cut of the necessary length. After a choice of an optimum look, the most suitable to conditions of the planned operation is made, there is a problem of selection of necessary length and diameter (diameter in ½, ¾ and 1 inch is widespread).Best Soaker Hose For Garden

Further recommendations will help to choose a hose for watering of a kitchen garden that the watering network managed cheap and served long, without bringing excess efforts:

  • do not try to save, getting simple single-layer versions — such low cost will backfire;
  • multilayered hoses from PVC with protection against UV rays will become optimal country variant;
  • you should not overpay for the increased operating pressure if the use of the pump as on seasonal dachas water is pumped mainly with pressure no more than 5 atm is not planned;
  • hoses with a diameter of ½ inches should not exceed on a length of 15 m, otherwise, flow rate — the more length will decrease, the more there has to be diameter;
  • at a weak pressure of water it is better to give preference to kinds of smaller diameter;
  • on big sites it is more convenient to use stationary distributing from plastic pipes to which short watering hoses will be connected;
  • at the frequent movement of long hoses it is convenient to use coils and mobile carts which also exclude damage;
  • for life extension even of expensive products, it is necessary to minimize the time of staying them under sunshine, after use not to leave water inside, it is correct to store.

It is quite possible that for different parts of the garden site it will be expedient to take different types of watering soaker hoses. For example, for the care of beds at the house will conveniently use Xhose wonderful hose, for vegetable beds, it is more rational to establish hoses of drop watering, and multilayered hoses from PVC on the mobile coil will be suitable for infrequent watering of drought-resistant ornamental plants and garden trees. The large role is played by the land area and its design.

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